Aging & Death

As of late, more and more headlines suggest a clear and concise connection between “the elderly” and death. Aging and death are not synonyms. Yes, both happen to us, although not always in a logical and linear order. Just yesterday morning, I sat in the back tea room of our home, opened the New York Times newspaper as I do most mornings and discovered a special edition on “the elderly

Alcohol and Your Health – Cheers! or Not?

Depending with whom you speak, alcohol can be a villain or it can be a hero. We have long known that alcohol can help reduce the stress of everyday life, and even relaxes our most tightly wound friends and associates. Recent data also suggests that fairly regular alcohol ingestion is actually good for your heart. This is probably one of the reasons that many European countries, where wine is a

Conquering Stress and Managing Your Time Wisely

We all know stress takes a toll on our family, friends, work, and don’t forget the internal breakdown within your body and health, but it’s something that we can take control of and find ways to cope. How do we decide when not to get overworked, frustrated or fly off the handle? It all comes down to defining what is a priority to you. That means identifying those are your

Healthy Aging: Your Better Nutrition Guide

Another year older, another year wiser, but will it be another year of better health? Aging can feel like an un-plug-able drain on our internal resources with no way to stop the process and thus maintain your current health status or, even harder, improve upon it for healthy aging. Fret not as with better nutrition you can and you will help support better health whether that means healing, maintaining, preventing

Stress Management and Diabetes

Diabetes, is left uncontrolled, can cause a whole host of health complications such as vision impairment and neuropathy. It is important to adhere to any instructions your doctor has given you to keep blood sugars controlled. Your physician may also educate you on exercise, diet and stress management to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Anyone who suffers from chronic stress may have many health issues later in life. One

5 Food to Help You Shed Weight Faster, Smarter

Life has become so fast that most of us don’t find the time to hit the gym regularly and end up feeling helpless as we watch our waistlines grow. This increased weight then begins to affect our self-esteem as well as health, and consequently we end up resorting to fad and restrictive diets to lose weight quickly. These commercialized weight loss tactics place considerable burden on the human body as

Aging: What’s Positivity Got To Do With It?

When I hear people say, “Ya, positive aging is so important.”  I wonder, what exactly does positivity have to do with aging? Does having positive thoughts truly have an impact on the aging process? A 76-year-old triathlete in Tempe, Arizona questioned aloud, while reading my business slogan, which is printed on the back of my jersey, as I ran past him, “Aging actively and thinking positively? Well, I am positively

The Mind/Body Connection – Programming For Year Round Success

In the fall of each year, as summer fades from our view, we often find ourselves having to work diligently to “restart” our fitness activities in preparation for the holidays – and the year to come. As the seasons change to shorter days and cooler weather becomes a reality, we have to “re-think” our fitness plans/goals and address the changes that are coming – thoughtfully and carefully – in order

Recover from Injuries Using Active Rest in the Pool

Have you ever felt like Tom? You try and try but seem to end up adrift? Your intelligent, well read a motivated, hard working athlete, you know a lot of things, you certainly know how to exercise and you do it well.  You have probably asked for some advice over the years on how to train. Especially since that nagging injury occurred. Maybe it’s shin splints that developed from training

How to Maintain Physical and Mental Health After Retirement

Did you know that 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring from their careers every day? This enormous wave of new retirees has been steady as the cohort hits the 65-year-old mark, according to the Pew Research Center and the Social Security Administration. When retiring, it is important for seniors to focus on staying physically and mentally healthy to keep up their quality of life. Seniors not only want to live longer,