Top 8 Exercises For Diabetics

As a diabetic, you need to find ways to control your blood sugar levels. Getting your diabetes under control will help to prevent infection and other serious health problems. This is more than just following a healthy and balanced diet that is low in simple carbs and refined sugar.

Simple Breathing Exercises for Stress and Anxiety

Breathing is one of the bodily functions that you can control on your own with very little effort. You can regulate your breathing with a little bit of practice in order to calm your mind and body to relieve stress and anxiety when they inevitably arise. If you’re a naturally high-strung person, this may take some practice but, luckily, these breathing exercises for stress and anxiety can help you.

What Insurance Coverage Do Independent Fitness Professionals Need?

A self-employed fitness professional may be working inside someone else’s studio or at full service health club or they may own their own studio or they may train in their clients’ homes or in public places, such as, parks or a combination of these. Independent trainers are entrepreneurial and have different exposures than fitness professionals employed by fitness facilities.

Why Exercise When You Have Cancer?

Exercise is important for everyone even individuals who have cancer. It is important to understand your body and know what you can do. An Exercise Specialist can help you to figure out an exercise plan that works for you. Everyone is unique and therefore needs an individualized exercise program.

4 Exercises to Increase Balance for Seniors

Balance is one of the first things to go as people age. It’s a skill that most people take for granted in their youth and one’s ability to perform balance movements fades with time. But just because your reflexes get a little slower doesn’t mean you are stuck with poor balance as you age. As with most things, practice makes perfect, and balance is very much a perishable skill.

Healthy Aging by the decades: Your youth

I believe that when we celebrate our birthdays, we get to reflect on what we have accomplished in our life so far – and have become – as a result of the choices we have made over the years. Fitness for me was always a choice that was a “given” – one that I am truly grateful I never had to think about making because it was “who I was” on the inside.