Shower Safety Tips for Seniors

According to CDC, people over 75 are twice as likely as younger people to have a nonfatal injury in the bathroom. The risk for people over 85 is four times higher. Every year, more than 400 people drown in bathtubs, while thousands fall, which leads to fractures and injuries. There are three main reasons behind this: firstly, seniors have limited mobility, moreover many medicines they take can also cause hypotension

Massage and Breast Cancer

Jane is a breast cancer survivor. She has dealt with the diagnosis and the life-changing stress it brings. She has gone through radiation to shrink her tumor to an operable size. She endured surgery that took not only her breast, but many critical lymph nodes from her armpit as well. She has undergone chemotherapy to be sure that no rogue cells may survive. She emerges from this ordeal feeling battered

Strategies to Improve Your Balance and Stability

Challenges with balance and stability can happen to all of us as we get older, but is certainly more prevalent in our Parkinson’s community. Maintaining lower body strength in conjunction with balance is very important as it decreases one’s chances of falling. Balance is defines as the state of having your weight spread equally so you do not fall; stability is the quality or state of something that is not

For Optimal Workouts, Learn to RECOVER Like the Pros

Your body was built to move but to move effectively and efficiently, especially over the long haul, it needs to rest. At any given point in time a significant percentage of competitive athletes and even fitness buffs are over-trained. The “overtraining syndrome” is brought on by athletes falling into the ‘too much, too hard, too frequent and too little rest’ mode. Usually done to improve performance, but ultimately resulting in

Prenatal Exercise Program Design: Exercise Type

Choosing the type of exercise that is best tolerated during pregnancy depends on the following considerations: Which activities the client enjoys or is skilled at performing Whether the activity poses any risk to the mother or fetus Is she is able to do the activity without being compromised by balance and center of gravity changes Can the activity be easily modified as pregnancy progresses Weight-bearing exercise such as walking, dancing,

Objecting to Aging

In the above court case, “Persons who Object to Aging v. United States of Aging” plaintiffs filed this action challenging the Aging’s Executive Order on natural processes. The People seek a finding that certain sections of the Executive Order are contrary to their desires to live forever, be young and abstain from societal objectification. Constitution and laws of the United States of Aging, and enjoining Defendants from implementing or enforcing

Exercise and Endorphins

Feeling too grumpy or stressed out to exercise? Think again. A little exercise can go a long way in reducing stress and making you feel good, along with its many other health benefits, like improving/maintaining physical fitness, preventing disease and treating symptoms. Life is complicated. We are all busy with our own personal challenges and to-do lists. Not to mention the winter months, which can make even the hardiest New

Still a Gym Rat: Exercise & MS

Before I was diagnosed with MS, and for the first few years afterward, I was dedicated to my exercise programs. My ideal workout time was early morning, because all I had to do was wake up, get my feet on the floor, and lean forward. The next thing I knew I was at the gym. After my MS diagnosis, I continued to visit the gym on a regular basis. Eventually,

Why Am I Not Getting Leaner…?

“I religiously track my food and exercise. I’m eating 1,300 calories (the number my tracker told me to eat if I want to lose 2 pounds a week). I’ve been following a strict diet and the scale hasn’t budged. My friends tell me I am eating too little. I think I must be eating too much because I am not losing weight. I feel so confused… What am I doing

Where to Begin When You Are Working Out With a Health Condition

The gym can be a confusing place especially for individuals with health concerns. Many times, these clients are trying to navigate their workouts by themselves because they are unsure of the appropriate questions that they need to ask. First of all, there are two different types of trainers. There are trainers who have a four year degree and certifications. These trainers are sometimes called Fitness Specialists and have had many