10 Tips to Succeed in Fitness and Weight Loss

Let’s be honest! Getting fit at any age can be a challenge. Each day you’re flooded with new fitness gadgets, diet pills and get fit quick commercials. We’ve all seen them, you know what I am talking about! The commercials that promises six-pack abs with only 3 minutes of exercise per day! Or what about losing 10 pounds in 10 days while eating all the burgers you want.

You’re in the Fitness Industry and DON’T Use Social Media?

Currently on Instagram there are 182,094,824 posts with the hashtag “fitness” and 91,720,969 posts with the hashtag “gym.” According to the PewResearchCenter, of the 79% of online adults, 68% use Facebook. What’s more intriguing is that on a daily basis, 76% of adults use Facebook, 51% check Instagram daily and 42% check Twitter.

Longevity vs. Durability: Can You Have Both?

We’ve extended the warranty on the human heart, and people are living longer. We’ve improved care for skin, and people look better. But it’s your frame that gets you where you need to go whenever you need to get there. Without the proper care, your bones and joints can all too easily become the limiting factor in your enjoyment of life. Have you outlived the warranty on your frame? Would you like an extended warranty?

Females, Food & Fertility

Freedom from monthly menstrual periods has historically brought pride and pleasure to many female athletes. That is, until they experience infertility when they do want to get pregnant. To their misfortune, many of the same women who were very content having abnormally functioning bodies are now in a state of grief.

5 Simple Exercises to Ease Your Pregnancy

You just found out you are pregnant! Congratulations! And now comes the deluge of information.  And the hormones. And the morning sickness. And the pregnancy brain. And the fatigue. With all this coming at a woman, it’s no wonder that most women opt out of exercising while pregnant.  According to a University of North Carolina study, only 1 in 4 women meets the nationally recommended amount of physical activity per