Autism & Exercise: Persistence not Perfection

Over the last 12 years I have given hundreds of presentations to the autism community. From my first presentation till now, my message has been the same: Exercise needs to be a part of the daily routine for individuals with autism. However, merely saying that does not always connect with each person in the audience.

No Time for Exercise? Let’s Do the Math!

Time, time, time. There never seems to be enough. This is especially true for busy executives and business travelers, not to mention parents, coaches, teacher, doctors, nurses… well, just about everyone in this over-scheduled world. Unfortunately, when Mr. Timecrunch visits, it’s usually our health that picks up the tab.

Parkinson’s Posture Part 2: The Thoracic Spine

As discussed in Part 1, postural imbalances are endemic in the Parkinson’s Disease population. These postural imbalances inevitably lead to an impaired ability of the individual to balance and increases the likelihood of both single-incident and recurrent falling incidents. Addressing postural imbalances is a powerful tool that the professional can utilize…

The Rise of Consumer-Based Blood Testing: A Huge Step Forward for the Exercise Physiologist

A recent report in Forbes Magazine by writer Unity Stokes discusses the recent issues concerning the validity of blood tests results from a Silicon Valley lab company called Theranos. While reading about the validity of blood tests may be considered more important for healthcare professionals such as a medical doctor or a nurse, it is time that exercise physiologists as health and fitness professionals take a moment to think about it and what it may mean to their practice.

3 Fitness & Diabetes Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

I want to talk to you about some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about diabetes. I am not talking about the misconceptions that non-diabetics often have about diabetes (even though those can be serious as well), but about the diabetes myths about food and fitness that newly diagnosed or even experienced diabetics that I meet believe.