Lately I can’t go to the gym without someone coming up to me looking for advice because in their efforts to remain fit and active they have hit a roadblock. Something hurts- a sore knee, achy shoulder or bad back that goes out more than they do. Ditto for my practice where I have seen a significant increase in exercise related ailments. I should give out orthopedic frequent flyer miles.

How to Help Your Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

There are over 30,000 assisted living communities in the United States and over 835,000 senior citizens living in them, with the majority being aged 80 or over. With the Baby Boomers entering or well into their golden years, the need for these communities will only continue to grow. When we age, our greatest fear is often the loss of our independence. Most seniors want to stay in their own homes,

A Stress Management Plan for an Aging Population

April is National Stress Awareness Month! Fortunately today, there are many tools to help individuals cope with stress. The first step is to acknowledge that you are stressed and to know what is stressing you. Once you are aware of your stressors, you need to make a stress management plan to follow. The journey may not be perfect but it is a work in progress. Most individuals aren’t going to

You Need a Coach

You Need a Coach. This is a subject I am REALLY passionate about. As most of my readers know, I’m writing to you from the perspective of a weight loss, nutrition, and fitness coach.​   I own my own facility coaching others like you.  And I have a coach.  You need a coach. You see, despite being a highly qualified coach myself across multiple areas, I hold a deep belief that everyone

Body Fat Promotes Heart Disease

Risk factors for heart disease – elevated LDL cholesterol, hypertension, elevated triglycerides, inflammation, and blood glucose – are all exacerbated by excess body fat, and overweight/obesity itself is considered a risk factor.1-3 Is it beneficial to be a little overweight? However, there has been controversy about a potential “obesity paradox” in heart disease: the idea that some amount of excess weight either does not pose any risk or is even

Patient Activation Network Interview with Alene Brennan

Matt Cavallo, MPH, patient advocate, author and speaker, interviews Alene Brennan, a Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Natural Food Chef.  Alene overcame debilitating migraine headaches through diet and lifestyle and is now once again using a “Less Pharm, More Table” approach is managing her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Since receiving her MS diagnosis and seeing first-hand the power of using diet and lifestyle to create a healing environment in the

Losing Weight with Yoga

Yoga offers many of benefits to the body, but one, in particular, is that it can help facilitate weight loss. Many experts will agree that doing yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight. While it is true that yoga is not as fast-paced as some cardiovascular exercises, yoga poses can help in promoting body detoxification at a certain level. There are also some poses, specifically vinsaya flow

Breakfast is for Champions

I don’t have time, I’m not hungry in the morning and I’m on a diet are three common excuses for missing breakfast. Unfortunately, athletes who skip breakfast generally suffer needless fatigue. They tend to have trouble concentrating later in the morning, and they work or study less efficiently. They can easily overeat at night and gain undesired body fat. Clearly, breakfast is a very important meal of the day! If

Fast Food Genocide

In his latest book, Fast Food Genocide, Dr. Fuhrman details the shocking role diet has played in derailing the American dream for large segments of our population. He explains how these foods destroy not only our physical health, leading to cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease — he also explores the previously overlooked association of diet’s influence on behavior, emotional health and intellect. The fast and processed food industries keep