A New Code of Ethics For Health And Wellness Coaches: Healthy Boundaries, Part One

The old New England expression that “good fences make good neighbors” applies to the world of professions as well as it does to rows of piled rocks in the old fields and forests of places like Vermont and Maine. The concept of professional boundaries seems to expand the more you look into it. In this and a following post we will look at role definition, ethics and scope of practice,

Tailoring Nutrition to Help Fight Parkinson’s Disease

Good nutritional practices are the groundwork for a healthy and productive life. People with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners have extra challenges to face as they navigate life with this progressive disease that causes tremors, slowness of movement, muscle stiffness and impaired balance. For people with Parkinson’s, healthy eating is another strategy to fight the effects of Parkinson’s. Like all of us, people with Parkinson’s should strive to eat a

The Rise of Consumer-Based Blood Testing: A Huge Step Forward for the Medical Fitness Profession

A recent report in Forbes Magazine by writer Unity Stokes discusses the recent issues concerning the validity of blood tests results from a Silicon Valley lab company called Theranos. Theranos was founded by a 30-something Elizabeth Holmes, who garnered over $5 billion from investors to launch her company that promised blood from finger sticks vs. whole venous blood draws. This year her company was investigated by the Department of Justice

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Losing Clients to “I need to think about it” (And What to Do About it)

“I need to think about it” “I wanna think it over” “Let me sleep on it” Probably the most annoying phrases to land on your eardrums since the evolution of ‘cray cray’ and ‘let me take a selfie’. You’ve just spent the best part of an hour on an amazing presentation of your skills and services, you cracked a few jokes, you found some common ground, and you’re pretty certain

Stress Management in the Modern World

It’s exhausting being a human today – there are over one million Google hits per day for the word “stress”. Good and bad stress is a part of the human condition and it can be real or imagined and it is certainly a broad societal issue. By making a positive “next step” in managing your stress you can avoid becoming worn out by the journey of life. Stress was first

Healthy Aging by the Decades: Your 50s

The primary question being asked in the majority of sessions for retirement planning is what you will need in terms of financial reserves to carry you through your later years. Unfortunately, this is the only model used in America and worldwide today. However, the question that you should really ponder is: “What will you do if your health fails, and how will your retirement life really be if you will no longer be able take care of myself?” An additional issue revolves around the date

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Exercise for Osteoporosis

There are many conditions for which exercise can help. Osteoporosis is one such condition, but due to its nature, there are some important factors to consider when putting together an exercise regimen.

Going Beyond Diabetes Treatment: Exercise!

There are many treatments for Type II Diabetes (which will be referred to simply as diabetes in this article) but none come with the level of benefits seen by the implementation of a proper exercise program. This is a tall order but exercise is effective for the treatment of insulin resistance and diabetes in three areas. These areas are inflammation, the cell mitochondria (where the cell generates power), and hyperinsulinemia

Benefits of Low Impact Exercise During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a joyous time for women and it is also a period where the body experiences many significant changes. Since exercise can be beneficial to the mother in managing stress and staying healthy, it is important to for every pregnant woman to get clearance from their physician for both starting a new exercise program and/or maintaining her existing one. Before becoming pregnant, I led a healthy and active