Stress Management and Diabetes

Diabetes, is left uncontrolled, can cause a whole host of health complications such as vision impairment and neuropathy. It is important to adhere to any instructions your doctor has given you to keep blood sugars controlled. Your physician may also educate you on exercise, diet and stress management to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Anyone who suffers from chronic stress may have many health issues later in life. One

Where to Begin When You Are Working Out With a Health Condition

The gym can be a confusing place especially for individuals with health concerns. Many times, these clients are trying to navigate their workouts by themselves because they are unsure of the appropriate questions that they need to ask. First of all, there are two different types of trainers. There are trainers who have a four year degree and certifications. These trainers are sometimes called Fitness Specialists and have had many

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Finding time to relax is a struggle for many. We underestimate our need to unwind and decompress, and our busy lives sometimes make it impossible. But, 5-10 minutes a day can really go a long way toward forming new habits for healthier well-being.

Why Exercise When You Have Cancer?

Exercise is important for everyone even individuals who have cancer. It is important to understand your body and know what you can do. An Exercise Specialist can help you to figure out an exercise plan that works for you. Everyone is unique and therefore needs an individualized exercise program.

Ways To Make Nutrition Fun For Kids

A healthy diet and exercise program will help children to grow and have more energy. Families should strive to eat the proper amount of nutritious foods daily. These foods have many positive effects on the body. Did you know that tomatoes, spinach, and garlic may help the body to fight infections?

Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is known as a motor system disorder and there is currently no cure. When individuals have decreased levels of dopamine changes start to begin. A tremor of the hands, face, legs, and other body parts may be noticeable at first then more pronounced symptoms become apparent when the disease progresses. At this point, individuals may have trouble walking, talking and participating in daily activities. Exercise is known to

Type 2 Diabetes Management: Exercise Is an Important Component

Diabetes, if left unmanaged, has many serious complications such as loss of vision. It is imperative for anyone with diabetes to follow their doctor’s treatment plan. The plan may include dietary changes, exercise and medication. Exercise is important as it will help your body to use sugars naturally. It also has many other health benefits such as stress management, decreasing high blood pressure and preventing osteoporosis.

Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress

Many people may be wondering what stress is and what it can do to your body. When we become stressed, our body will start the stress response. This is preparing your body to deal with the situation you are about to face.

Tips for Exercising With Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise and stretching are very important for someone who has Multiple Sclerosis. Each individual, however, is different and exercises need to be tailored specifically to that person. The exercises that are chosen depend on the progression of the disease, what the individual is capable of doing, and even the day.