Protect Your Peripheral Nerves: Top 5 Supplements for Optimal Foot Function

We all know that keeping our feet strong is key to proper posture, optimal movement patterns and staying pain-free as we age. In my workshops I’m a huge advocate of Barefoot Baby Boomers and keeping barefoot stimulation a key part of our lifestyle. However to truly stay #barefootstrong as we age we need to do a little more than simply train sans footwear. Biohacking Your Barefeet  With changing nutritional values,

From Primal to Bipedal: Why we need to get off the ground and walk more!

Before you start throwing stones at me assuming that I’m bashing or discrediting any of the primal movement programs out there – please hear me out. Anything I’m about to say does not mean I do not value the role primal movements and ground work has on restoring optimal movement patterns. However, where these programs fall short is that ultimately we need to GET UP and being able to navigate

Biohacking Your Body with Barefoot Science

We are all on the eternal hunt to looking good, moving well and feeling young – however as responsibilities (job, school, family, friends) increase the time allocated to health and fitness often decreases. Surprisingly we expect the same results with less time in the gym but is this really even possible? Perhaps it is. Enter…..biohacking! What is biohacking? Biohacking, as the name suggests, is “hacking” or finding a way to