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Professional Testimonials

Dr. Dorette Nysewander
Founder & CEO of D Group Consulting Services Inc; Fellow, National Board of Fitness Examiners

“The way personal trainers prepare for their occupations are different today than 7-10 years ago. There is no other organization that works as collaboratively integrating medicine/fitness as the Medical Fitness Network. MFN has set the vision for the future.”

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Professional Testimonials

Bill McBride
President & CEO, Active Wellness, Active Sports Clubs, BMC3

“I’m honored to serve on the Medical Fitness Network’s advisory board. After meeting Lisa Dougherty, being moved by her passion and learning about the mission of the MFN – I was determined to be involved.

We enrolled our clubs and fitness professionals in the super registry to better serve special populations. Not only is it very fulfilling to work with those in the most need of our expertise. It also furnishes leads to our highly trained fitness professionals within our facilities. These new members personal train because they want and need the expertise of highly qualified fitness professionals.

If you are the kind of operator that truly wants to make a difference for people, you should join the MFN.

If you are the kind of operator that wants more members to serve within your facility, you should join the MFN.

If you are the kind of operator that wants to do more Personal Training, you should join the MFN.”

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Professional Testimonials

Dan Ritchie
President, Functional Aging Institute

“The Medical Fitness Network really gets it! Finally an organization focused on the Medical Fitness needs of millions of people, and they are working to network to meet those needs. As president of the Functional Aging Institute, I have found their willingness to bring partners together refreshing and something our industry and across industries has needed for a long, long time.”

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Professional Testimonials

Carol Wilson
Master Trainer/Fitness Director, FITNZ360

“FITNZ 360 has had an incredible experience being partnered with the Medical Fitness Network (MFN). We were introduced to MFN through an invitation for a trial membership from The Functional Aging Institute (FAI). We were so impressed by MFN that after our trial membership had expired we purchased an annual membership. Being a wellness/fitness studio we felt that an affiliation with MFN would fall perfectly in our wheelhouse and it has.

Here are some of the reasons we decided to join MFN:

  • Our wellness studio is creating new programming for special population such as classes/seminars for healthy aging (50+), Pilates and Yoga/Meditation classes for cancer patients just to name a couple. MFN’s associations and partnerships will provide invaluable help in getting these
  • MFN provides a profile page for you, your business and your staff which creates more exposure for you from the consumers who are looking for your services.
  • The MFN provides what seems like limitless resources for the wellness/fitness professionals. These affiliations provide tons of information about the industry as well as Deep Discounts on many training courses and business services (i.e. I saved a ton on marketing material with Vista Print thru my MFN membership discount
  • This also includes opportunities to network, make valuable connections and or collaborate with MFN’s partners. My MFN representative connected me with the Sears FitStudio that is in my area. I contacted Shawn, my contact at the FitStudio and we arranged a time for me to come man a display table of my services in their store. Shawn was very welcoming, helpful and supportive, This was an amazing opportunity and experience. I assisted many many consumers and got tons of great leads in exchange. It was like my own personal health fair. I have participated in a couple of these events and look forward to t he next one.

I can’t say enough good things about the Medical Fitness Network. The MFN representatives are always there to assist you in any way they can. You just can’t go wrong with this organization and their high level associates. I highly recommend that every wellness/fitness professional join this organization. You will be so very glad that you did.”

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Professional Testimonials

Brenda Loube
Co-Founder & President, Corporate Fitness Works

“The Medical Fitness Network is one of a kind in the fitness and healthcare industry. Like never before we have a network where the general public has immediate access to search for qualified fitness and allied health professionals in their geographic area. If you or someone you know is looking for a specialist with credentials in areas of rehabilitation relating to chronic diseases, the Medical Fitness Network is your one stop resource. I look forward to helping this network grow and be the leading referral resource that serves those in need of support to reach a quality of life they so deserve.”

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Professional Testimonials

June Chewning
President, Fitness Learning Systems

“As the need for medical fitness continues to grow, it is important to have organizations like the Medical Fitness Network.  Their tireless effort to connect resources and professionals with the people who need them is a huge service to the health-fitness industry. I encourage all health-fitness professionals to get plugged in to the MFN and to promote the MFN’s service to their community.”

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Eric Durak, MSc
President and Founder, Medical Health & Fitness

“After 30 years in the health and fitness business, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about ‘bridging the gap’ between healthcare and fitness. Of course, that gap was very small, and most of the early proponents were more interested in their business, as opposed to the fitness business as a whole.

Enter the Medical Fitness Network. Since its inception it has had the best interests of the fitness industry in mind, and has worked tirelessly to make this happen.

The industry needs this connection today now more than ever. The need for improved fitness today is as high as ever, and the issues within the medical industry are coming to a head in many areas — especially costs. When most patients can understand and incorporate fitness into their lifestyle — all will benefit. This is the mission of the Medical Fitness Network.”

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Francesca Fisher
Executive Director, The Geri-Fit Company

“Medical Fitness Network is a great organization to join for both fitness professionals and healthcare companies. Trainers can be easily found based on the geographic area they’re working at as well as their fitness specialties. Doctors and others in the healthcare industry can confidently refer their patients to find qualified trainers so that their patients receive the exercise care that they need. MFN is a one-stop-shop for all your fitness and medical needs!”

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Professional Testimonials

Kathy Flippin, CMT, NCTMB
Owner, Dynamic Touch Massage

“The Medical Fitness Network is doing one thing that no-one has done before: Putting together professionals from ALL integrative health services who are willing and able to serve people with medical conditions. It’s wonderful to see this Network grow, making it easier for people who most need care to find it easily! Great job, MFN!”

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Professional Testimonials

Jennifer Urmston Lowe
National Account Manager, Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp.

“I am thrilled that MFN has been founded to link qualified fitness professionals with the people who need them. There is so much more good that the fitness industry as a whole can do for our population if we all support MFN. Lives can be changed for the better across the country through the MFN initiatives.”

Professional Testimonials

Angie Pattengale
Director of Certification, National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT)

“National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) is pleased to offer its medically oriented fitness trainers this important network as a resource for promoting their business to patient organizations and the public. This exciting partnership aligns with the NFPT vision to support industry efforts that further public and government respect, trust and confidence in the fitness training certification industry.”


Tammy Petersen
Founder and Partner, American Academy of Health and Fitness

“I doubt anyone would argue it is important to match clients with special needs to fitness professionals (and representatives from many fields of healthcare) who have acquired the advanced training and experience needed to safely and effectively work with that client. There are currently other registries/ organizations that attempt to do this. What makes the Medical Fitness Network (MFN) stand out from other groups that have created such a registry is that MFN goes the extra step to facilitate relationships between fitness & healthcare professionals, community members, business partners, and Patient Organizations. I believe the building of these relationships is the ‘missing link’ needed to help the individual with chronic disease locate the help they need. As the MFN registry grows, more and more organizations will come on board and recommend the registry to their membership. Imagine that you are a fitness trainer with special training to work with those with arthritis and you could be referred by the Arthritis Foundation to those clients in your area that need you — this is just one of the many possibilities on the horizon as the MFN grows — and this is why I am proud to support the mission of MFN!”

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Professional Testimonials

Keli Roberts
Owner, Keli’s Real Fitness

“Health is our greatest wealth, a truer phase cannot be spoken. But when health problems strike it can be a daunting and frightening experience. I know it too well, in 1998 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease Polymyositis and I thought life as I knew it would be over, that I would be forever incapacitated. Having somewhere to go, a centralized resource people can visit and get access to the right professionals is beyond helpful. This personal experience has motivated me to be involved with MFN. Giving people the peace of mind, is a gift that no amount of money can buy. MFN gives that peace of mind.”

Professional Testimonials

Suzelle Snowden
Owner and Founder, Fit Bodies, Inc 

“As a business owner and member of the fitness community, I know that it is our common goal to create ways to help everyone experience a healthier fitter lifestyle. MFN is putting the right people together to reach the people who need it the most. It is my pleasure to be associated with MFN in the valiant effort they are making to reach that goal.”

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Kevin D. Steele
Principal, Communication Consultants WBS, Inc

“The Medical Fitness Network is an excellent way for Personal Trainers and other Fitness and Wellness Professionals to work with special populations, as well and people interested in ‘active aging’. If you have interest in these areas, become part of the MFN.”

Professional Testimonials

Bobby Valentine
Founder, fitRaise 

“The team at the Medical Fitness Network is one of the most dedicated group of health and fitness professionals I have ever been associated with. Their passion for providing information to patients and connecting them to the right people within the network is most helpful to people going through difficult diagnoses. Fitness and medical professionals that are seeking to make new patient connections should not hesitate to become part of this growing and resourceful network.”

Professional Testimonials

Ruth Werner
Author, “A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology

“Medical Fitness Network is an innovative company with a new idea: let’s create a list of clinicians with expertise in specific conditions, so that patients can build a team with the skills they need. I am an educator who helps massage therapists to work safely with clients who may have complicated situations. Our working together is a natural fit, and I am eager to see where this may lead as massage therapy is increasingly integrated into mainstream health care.”


Professional Testimonials

Mark W. Dixon, CMT, BCTMB
NCBTMB #001953
Chairman, California Massage Therapy Council

“Even the best education will serve the massage therapist only as well as one’s skill at networking, and there’s no better place to perfect and put that skill to use than the Medical Fitness Network. Learn that, and success will chase you down!”

The views of Mark W. Dixon expressed above are his own and are not the views, positions or opinions of the California Massage Therapy Council, of which he is Chairman.


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