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Everyone can benefit from exercise, but health club workouts and strenuous exercise programs aren’t for everyone! Chair Dancing® Fitness encourages health and fitness for active people or those whose physical condition, restricted mobility, or age, limits their participation in conventional forms of exercise.

Do you ever recommend/prescribe exercise for the health benefits and the patient/client can’t seem to get it done? Give the opportunity to people with psychological resistance or physical limitations an easy & efficient way to accomplish life changing healthful exercise. Our programs promote fitness to those 80% or more of our population who mean well and need to exercise, but don’t.  The excuses are very real. Issues with feet, knees, being overweight and out of shape or simply bad weather can certainly make many standard exercise options intimidating and out of reach. The solution to your prescription is to offer our easy aerobics, strengthening and stretching in any chair, anywhere!

chairdancingMany of our customers do our chair workout to help them with:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Heart Disease (Cardiac Rehab)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (Exercise for balance and mobility)
  • Fibromyalgia (Pain Management and Circulation)
  • Obesity (Lo-impact Exercise for Weight Loss)
  • Osteoporosis (Bone Strengthening)
  • COPD (Ease of Exercise)
  • Parkinson’s (Rhythmical movements through a full range of motion have been shown to decrease rigidity)
  • Arthritis (Limbering stiff joints)
  • High blood pressure/Hypertension (Exercising regularly for a healthy lifestyle)
  • Bariatric surgery/ Gastric Bypass (Preperation and Weight Loss Maintenance)
  • Knee, hip, foot Injuries (Exercise for Rehabilitation, keeping fit during recovery)

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The Chair Dancing® Fitness concept was born, when a fractured foot forced founder Jodi Stolove to conduct her dance and aerobic classes from a chair. Creativity born of necessity, resulted in her developing unique seated fitness programs combining the pleasure of exercise, dance, and music. While she “sat down” to bring exercise to meet the needs of anyone wanting to embrace exercise, a whole industry took notice.

Chair Dancing® Fitness provides convenient and effective fitness routines done while comfortably seated. An alternative to high impact aerobics and gym workouts, Chair Dancing® Fitness improves muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. These medically sound programs are a new fitness option for active people or those whose physical condition, restricted mobility or age limit their participation in conventional forms of exercise.

Health Education, weight loss and rehabilitation programs including American Diabetes, Heart and Lung Associations and esteemed medical centers including Kaiser Permanente, The Mayo Clinic, and Scripps Clinic suggest seated exercise for health.


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Aerobic Chair Dancing®
Sitting down to exercise is convenient, safe, and an effective way to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

Chair Dancing’s® Greatest Hits
Chair Dancing® Around the World
Chair Dancing® Fitness presents Life’s A Celebration
Chair Dancing® The Original Program
Chair Dancing® Through the Decades

Strength Training
Strengthen your muscles from the comfort of your chair. Stimulates Bone Growth, Improves Posture, Decreases Body Fat , Improves Balance & Mobility

Chair Dancing® Fitness presents Sit Down & Tone Up Encore!
Chair Dancing® More…Sit Down & Tone Up
Chair Dancing® presents Sit Down & Tone Up!

Stretching, Flexibility & Relaxation

Chair Dancing® Fitness presents Chair Yoga
Chair Dancing® Fitness presents Simply Stretch

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