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medhealthfit At Medical Health and Fitness, we integrate healthcare and wellness through education, research, and products. Our CEU programs include Cancer Wellness, Wellness @ Home, Exercise Medicine and the Breast Cancer C.A.R.E. and Working Well courses. Our products and services are designed for health professionals and customers who would like to increase their knowledge of health promotion, and use products that will improve overall health.

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Medical Health and Fitness has been a supporter of the Medical Fitness Network for the past three years, and is proud to hold an advisory board position with the association. Our goal is to improve the quality of medical fitness education with the association and its cancer-fit-caremembers, and is offering a series of certification and CEU bundled packages and discounts of approximately 20% for all current and future MFN members. Our programs and certifications are listed below:

#1 – Our flagship Certification Program – The Cancer Fit-CARE Program (complete certification for exercise, nutrition, healthcare, and marketing) bundled with the Cancer Fit-CARE Coaching Manual – which allows healthcare professionals to work with patients from a tele-health and consultation standpoint. The combined price of both of these courses is $445.00 (a 20% discount).

exercise-as-medicine#2 – Our Exercise Medicine / Working Well Certification programs.  Exercise Medicine delivers the proper exercise prescription for over 25 medical conditions. It discusses strength training, intervals, and range of motion specific to each condition. Our Working Well manual details the complete aspects of delivering quality exercise programs in the worker’s compensation setting. How to deal with Occ Med doctors, true preventive programs, dealing with triage and “information only” situations, and working towards true cost saving through wellness and post rehab programs. This package is priced at $299.00.

wellnessathome#3 – Our Wellness @ Home Program is specifically designed for home care programs with seniors with little or no exercise experience. Our programs include:  Ergonomics @ Home – which helps reduce the risks in the home setting with proper movement, lifting procedures, and furniture placement. The Nutrition @ Home deals with getting the most nutrition and supplementation while still having tasty meals and snacks. Our Cancer Wellness @ Home deals with delivering a complete wellness program for cancer recovery in the home care setting. Our Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit DVD gives a basic 24 minute stretching, breathing, and movement program for almost any senior. Together this package is bundled at $189.00

exercisemedicine-bloodlab#4 – We are bundling our Exercise Medicine Program with our NEW Blood Lab Wellness Specialist certification / CEU program. Along with post rehab exercise, health professionals will be able to discuss basic blood lab panels – such as CBC, hormone, immune system, and CV risk profiles with their clients.  It allows  allied health professionals to be more actively involved in the blood process – and see the results of exercise programs on health profiles.  Our laboratory partner is Step One Health ( They allow clients to get blood labs directly, and at a discount compared to hospital or physician practice labs. The combo price for both courses is $245.00

For the first 20 orders of the Exercise Medicine / Blood Lab Wellness Specialist program combo – we are making another special offer. Order the combo – and receive a FREE One Touch Verio IQ blood glucose meter. This $100.00 offer is given as a special promotion through One Touch. This offer won’t last long – as our health professionals know a great deal to work with diabetics, weight loss patients, and even athletes. The price is listed above.


Medical Health & Fitness

Founder & President, Eric Durak

Since 1993 Medical Health & Fitness has been in the business of integrating healthcare with wellness. We’ve done this through education, research, publications, speaking, and developing relationships. MH&F Founder and President Eric Durak is at the forefront of clinical exercise, research, and education since he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1986. He has worked at Sansum Diabetes Institute, and developed the award-winning Cancer Wellness program in 1994. The author of over 20 books, including the industry best-selling Insurance Reimbusement Book for Health Professionals, Eric has written for scores of health magazines, internet sites, and spoken at over 175 industry conferences and workshops. His current CV is listed here. MH&F has produced the top clinical education courses in the industry – including Cancer Wellness (cancer rehab certification), Exercise Medicine (post rehab certification), Wellness @ Home (home healthcare certification), and Working Well (employee health certification) with the Care for Health company. We offer CEUs and are accredited through nursing associations as a healthcare provider. As a leading edge research company, we have produced studies for some of the leading health companies in the US, including the Balance Bar Company (, and recently reporting on two health studies on fatigue with the FRS Sports Nutrition Company.


Continuing Education

  • Medical Health & FitnessCancer Wellness Advanced Certificate Program: The most advanced clinical education course that health and fitness professionals can attain. Fourth Edition in print.
  • Exercise Medicine Advanced Certificate Program: The most comprehensive post rehabilitation program on the market. Clinical exercise routines for over 25 medical conditions.
  • Wellness @ Home Program: Health certification for home healthcare professionals, and fitness professionals who work with clients in the home care setting.  For more information, visit our web site:
  • Working Well Program: How can employees use exercise to improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs?  Using Working Well combines education and exercise programming along with outcomes measurements to improve health and improve ROI.

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Books & DVDs

  • Fitness Reimbursement Guide: Our best-selling book with thousands of copies sold! Updated to the 5th edition, the Reimbursement Guide details information on insurance coding for every exercise and wellness code located in the medical manuals.
  • Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit Exercise CD: 24 minute basic and safe exercise routine using stretching, muscle tension, and balance for seniors with little exercise experience.  Beautiful soundtrack and hosted by health instructor Marcus Stringer, MPH.
  • Breast Cancer C.A.R.E. book / CD: The Breast Cancer CARE (Caring – Attitude – Recovery – Exercise) provides a multi-media approach to reducing pain, speeding recovery, reducing the odds of lymphedema, and enhancing the psychological aspect of breast cancer treatment and rehab.
  • Supportive Cancer Care book: Dr. Ernest Rosenbaum has written THE complete guide to cancer care. His insight into treatment, nutrition, family support, rehabilitation, and survivorship make this my choice for the best cancer recovery book EVER written. Used in the Cancer Wellness CEU course.
  • Cancer Victors and Friends Success Stories DVD: The Cancer Victor’s Success Stories is produced by Cancer Victor’s and Friends, International.  This DVD details stories of survivorship using a combination of integrative medicine as well as traditional oncology procedures.  Narrated by the author of “The Third Opinion” – John Fink.
  • 98 Miles High cycling adventure book / CD: The ride of a lifetime chasing an obscure cycling record. When deciding to do something out of the ordinary, I stumbled on a great journey of discovery and a side benefit was getting in tremendous shape. The story of chasing a dream over an entire year.

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