Four Sources of Stress & How to Beat Them

Stress is a normal physical response. Everyone feels stress. You may feel stress when you have too many errands to run, when you are given a promotion at work, or in your daily commute through Atlanta traffic! During stressful times, your body responds physically by producing hormones to speed up your heart, make you breathe faster, and give you a big burst of energy. That physical reaction is called the “fight

An Introduction to Cannabis’s Role as an Emerging Therapeutic Agent

With cannabis becoming increasingly mainstream in modern culture, its population is becoming aware of its use for a number of purported medical reasons ranging from skin ailments to digestive issues and pain. California has recently allowed its recreational use. Today, the industry is still nascent with a market of ill-vetted products with equally nascent scientific claims. However, cannabis may be unique in its application to holistic care as mediated by

Eating Junk Food Raises Cancer Risk, Even for Slim Women

Whether you are slim or obese, one thing is clear: calorie-dense processed foods increase cancer risk, regardless of body weight. Researchers studied data from 92,000 postmenopausal women who took part in the Women’s Health Initiative, a 15-year study of health in postmenopausal women. They focused on the energy density of the women’s diets – “high energy” diets are synonymous with “high calorie” diets – and noted the number of calories

Delivering The Behavioral Side Of Lifestyle Medicine Through Wellness Coaching

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” –Hippocrates 420 B.C – 370 B.C. Healthcare providers have been prescribing lifestyle improvement for thousands of years. The evidence has been built from the observations of Hippocrates all the way to the neuroscience of today. We know, from mountainous reams of

Sports Nutrition: #ScienceNotOpinion

Performance starts with fueling, not training! The best way to fuel for top performance seems to be a debatable topic these days. To keep on top of the science regarding food, exercise & performance, I look to SCAN, the Sports & Cardiovascular Nutrition practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). Here are some tidbits of  information from this year’s 35th annual meeting in Keystone CO, May 2018. In your search

Reverse Marketing to the Medical Community

In traditional marketing to the medical community, personal trainers most often mail flyers or brochures that describe the trainer’s qualifications and what kind of programs they offer. They may even personally drop the promotional material off at the medical office hoping to snag a bit of the medical professional’s time to talk about the program they could offer patients. Looking first at direct mailings, the average response in 2017 was

Can’t Vs. Doesn’t Understand; Coaching Towards Learning Style

“Okay, now let’s see a squat, I’m gonna go first and then you try.” The above is a standard sentence during my PAC Profile assessments and it carries with it powerful proactivity. I just also serendipitously learned that “proactivity” is a real, bona-fide word. When we teach movement, it makes sense to demonstrate first. Explaining to anybody a physical activity they’ve never performed, or performed with questionable technique, will skew

The Power of Plank

Many people will go to the gym in hopes of “looking” better. Although we all want to be our best selves, working out for a “look” vs. overall strength and well-being can lead to imbalanced muscles, as well as other injuries. This can be especially true for those looking for a “flat stomach” or “washboard abs”. However, the true importance of abdominals is to strengthen and contain the organs in

Healthy Aging and You: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

I am one who believes that REAL change occurs from within ourselves first and that once we decide to accept this principle, our lives – and minds (and hearts) – can become clear of all the “baggage” we have been dragging around with us over the course of our lives. Self esteem issues, guilt, regret, resentment, and so much more can be released so that we can finally live the

Travel is Medicine for Your Mental Health

Do you know the difference between hard work and overwork? For most professionals, the answer is likely ‘no’. While this New York Times article helps explain the difference, even those who know they are overworking may not know a way out of the trap our professions can put us in. Pressure put on us because of financial and professional expectations can be overwhelming, and the consequences of this work-related stress